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same day delivery

Deliver within Gush-dan or Haifa


You prepare orders for today’s delivery


The courier arrives at the scheduled time and picks up a few packages at once


The courier delivers the orders to your customers within a few hours

Enjoy transparent pricing

The price per delivery is always the same. That way it’s easier for you to plan your budget.
Our manager will calculate the best price for you based on your needs

Manage your
deliveries using our unified
unified control panel control panel

  • ➔ Real-time tracking
  • ➔ Access for multiple employees
  • ➔ Stats, reports and invoices all in one place

Your customer
always knows where
where the courier is the courier is

They can track their deliveries in real time and be
prepared when the courier arrives.
No more “where is my order” calls to your support

Build Yango Delivery
into your system


Saves you time by letting you manage
orders from your own platform and customizing delivery

Module integration

Ready-made solutions with no coding
needed. Available for Shipit, PDQ and Beteabon

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