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Delivery for
1 hour

A courier collects the order within
15 minutes and delivers it
right away

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Personal courier service

Hundreds of couriers

Whether it’s late night or holidays, there will always
be a courier to pick up your order

Choose between delivery
by scooter
or by car

Express Small

The courier will deliver compact orders, 
avoiding traffic and fitting
even into narrow parking spaces

Express Large

For bigger orders and those that require special care, such as
cakes and fruit plates

Deliver faster — sell more

Stand out among competitors and attract more customers by offering express delivery to those who can’t or don’t want to wait

instant demand

Your customer got a last-minute invitation to a birthday party and need a present as soon as possible

impulsive purchases

Your customer just ordered a new toy
for their child and can't wait to surprise them

Use a customer-centric

Your client just can't find a store willing to deliver that certain swimsuit just
hours before their plane

High-precision live-tracking

Your customers can track their deliveries on the
map in real time, which will minimize requests to
your support team

for convenient

Control panel

  • ➔ Real-time tracking
  • ➔ Access for multiple employees
  • ➔ Stats, reports and invoices all in one place


Lets you manage orders on your own
platform and customize your deliveries

Module integration

Ready-made solutions with no coding
Available for Shipit, PDQ and Beteabon

Deliver within the Gush-dan
and Haifa area

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Does your business
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10 deliveries
a month?

There’s a solution for you, too! Use Delivery in the Yango app. Always on
hand, first delivery within a couple of minutes, no contract needed

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