Join as a
Yango Delivery
and earn up to
850 ₪ a day*

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It’s you
who decides

How much
to work

The hours are flexible with no
minimum time
being online

What transport
to use

You can deliver using a car,
e-bike or scooter

How much
to earn

The more orders you deliver, the
money you get

Why it’s cool delivering
with us

Payments are made every week*
You can easily plan your budget and don’t have to wait for money till the end of the month
You get more with bonuses
We pay extra at rush hour, before holidays and also for a certain amount of completed orders
There are hacks to make more
We put together several orders and you deliver them at once and make money on every package
There are enough orders
for everyone
We have tons of orders from all types of e-commerce: food, flowers, fashion, etc.
You can stay close to your home
There are deliveries for every type of transport in almost every district of Gush Dan
We provide you with a thermobag
and clothes
No need to rush around in search of a suitable bag to become a courier

Easy to start

It takes up to 3 days if you have all the necessary documents ready




Get a list of necessary documents
and upload them


Register on the app and complete
the online training


Get a thermobag at our warehouse if you’re a motorbike,
e-bike or scooter courier


Go online!

Ready to get started?

Swift delivery for your customers Yango Delivery


What will I deliver?
Orders from online stores and restaurants: food, flowers, children's
goods, small household appliances,
etc. There are also parcels from one person to another, for example, keys
or documents.
Is it necessary to have a thermobag?
It is necessary for motorbike, e-bike
or scooter couriers.
Are there any requirements for the
We don’t have any special
requirements, but we do recommend cars that can carry several parcels
so you can pick them up altogether
from one address.
What do I need to deliver with
  • аn Android based mobile phone.
    Our app is not available for IOs at
    the moment, but it will be soon.
  • a valid driving license and car registration if you want to
    become a car courier
  • to be over 18 years old
In what cities can I apply?
Right now we are working in the
Gush Dan area, but will expand soon.
If I am not an Israeli citizen, can I become a courier?
Yes, you can if you have a valid work visa.