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express delivery

Step 1

Order delivery via the web-cabinet

Step 2

Courier collects the order
within 15 minutes

Step 3

Customer receives the order
within 1 hour

Hundreds of couriers assigned to areas around Dubai

99% of them arrive within 5 minutes
of placing your order

Choose between delivery
by motorbike
or by car

from 2 AED per km

from 3 AED per km

Deliver faster — sell more

Stand out among competitors and gain
more customers by offering express
delivery to those who can’t or don’t want to wait

Capture instant demand

Your customer got a last-minute invitation
to a birthday party and needs a present as soon as possible

Encourage impulsive purchases

Your customer just ordered a new gadget
and can't wait to try it out

Use a customer-centric approach

Your client just can't find a store willing to deliver that swimsuit just hours before their plane

Easy to create and manage
your orders

Extended mileage
of up to 35 km

Deliver further than ever before and increase your client base


Your customers can track their orders on the map from door-to-door and be prepared when the courier arrives. And your support team gets fewer questions

No monthly

You can send one order or many — there’s no limit on the amount. Try Yango Delivery out and see how it suits your
business needs

Your first delivery —
within 24 hours

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the Yango  app

Requesting a delivery is now as easy as calling a cab. It’s handy when
you don’t have a lot of orders.

Get your first delivery with 50% off.

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