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We are an international, technology centered, logistics company. Using in-house AI and algorithms, we give the best delivery experience by reducing costs to clients and improving customer satisfaction in the last mile in logistics. Our global experience is at your service.

the team

Agam Garg

General Manager

For the last 11 years, Agam has been launching and scaling businesses all across India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Just before joining Yango, Agam led the largest and fastest-
growing logistics network for one of the largest food-tech companies in the UAE. Previously he has worked in Grab and expanded their urban mobility solutions across Singapore and the rest of Southeast asia. In India, he launched and scaled-up car, bike, bus sharing platforms.

I am passionate about building businesses from scratch. My vision through Yango Delivery is to enable first and last mile deliveries for companies in the UAE in a tech driven, cost
efficient and environmentally
sustainable manner.
Easy and fast delivery for your customers, United Arab Emirates

Ved Prakash

Head of Operations

Ved has over 10 years of experience
in mobility, foodtech and telecommunications in high growth tech startups across the Middle East including leading on-demand service providers.

I believe in strong leadership and in building a dynamic team, optimising the processes while minimizing the cost, creating efficiency and operational excellence.

Amish Arora

Head of Sales

Coming from a family business background, Amish has a thorough understanding of customer pains and needs. For the past decade Amish has helped grow businesses of various sizes and segements, including
e-commerce and food-tech.

My mission is to simplify last mile, which now is a very complicated & fragmented industry. With the help of technology, we go to great lengths to provide top-notch customer experience.

Mohsin Jawed

Head of Commerce

MBA with 10+ years of experience
in E-commerce, Sales, Marketing
& Operations. Previously worked in leading tech companies in the region. Spearheaded end to end business operations of food delivery
& OA verticals.

My vision through
Yango Delivery is to enable companies to make cost effective & data driven decisions
for their last & first mile delivery needs.