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Empresa de envios express para tus clientes en Mexico

Deliver orders within
3–4 hours

Your customer orders something
The courier collects
the order within 1–2 hours
The customer receives
the order in a couple of hours

WE Keep your
In the loop

Real-time tracking is backed by SMS and email
reminders — so your customer will
be prepared
when the courier arrives

routing drives
down your costs

Every courier delivers as many packages
hour as possible — so you don’t necessarily
pay for the full journey

Routing lets us batch orders on the go —
so you seamlessly split costs
with other clients

Quality is our priority

Couriers know
what they are

We onboard every person who works with
your orders

deliveries in
real time

If a courier is on their way, the route, our team is

You have an online chat with us

We are just a message away — you text
us, we fix it things

No hidden fees, no hidden risks

Transparent pricing

The prices are fixed, there are no
costs—so it’s easy to manage
your budget
and plan ahead

Risk Management

If something happens, you will receive
compensation. If you need more
— let’s talk!

Stay on top
of your deliveries

Swift delivery for your customers Yango Delivery


You can see all your active orders
and check couriers’ location—
whenever you feel like it

Swift delivery for your customers Yango Delivery


You will have a team of experts on
call—just text them a question or a
and they will respond shortly

Summing up


Your client orders something today, the courier
collects and delivers it within a few hours.
Best for packages under 20 kg.

One free redelivery included

Direct support line included

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Swift delivery for your customers Yango Delivery


How do I get started?
Complete and submit the application form, and your personalaccount manager 
will contact you.
Are there any delivery restrictions?
We deliver orders of all sizes, each 
with a courier that can handle your
needs. The max weight for a single 
order is 20 kg.
How do I get delivery reports?
After every order, we send a report 
with photo confirmation of delivery.
You'll also have access to a 
dashboard with information about 
each order
and the location of couriers.
What if a customer wants to return something?
You can also order this service! If the item does not suit the client, the
courier will pick it up and return it to 
your warehouse. If the client asks to
replace something, the courier will 
take it and bring the new item to
replace it.
What are the integration options?
You can integrate our service in your 
API (send orders, cancel delivery,
monitor statuses).
Do you have a support team?
Yes, we're available for help from 9:00 
to 21:00 via WhatsApp. You can also
send our support team a delivery 
order in Excel.
It's fast and convenient!
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